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Angelic Revenge PG13 Summergen 2010

Wayward Son PG13 Pictures2words 2010

The Seventh Faerie R SPN/J2 Big Bang 2010

Drawing the Line G

Fire, G (drabble)

Guilt, G (drabble)

Hero, G (drabble)

Lost, G (drabble)

Stranger, G (drabble)

Too Much, G (drabble)

Black, R (drabble)

Least of All PG

Have a Little Faith R

The Hole of Doom, PG

Realizations G

Choices, G

Winsister Anchor Series - Music video -
Broken Anchor, Book 1

Drifting Without an Anchor, Book 2

Your Soul Is Anchored, Book 3

The Haunted Schoolhouse

The Missing Anchor, Book 4

Lost Anchor, Book 5

Doctor Who
Never Before G

The Sarah Jane Adventures
Mark of the Palatier PG

Timeshock G

Joy G

Stargate Atlantis
Hell or High Water PG

Sheppard's Not So Good Trip Off World PG13

Left Behind PG13

Hope G

Of Lockdowns and Appendicitis G

John Sheppard's Not So Good Trip to Earth PG

Mind Control PG

Months G (drabble)

Reinventing Destiny NC17 Atlantis Big Bang 2010
Fanfic Trailer -

Kill Switch PG

Fortitudo PG

Triumph Through Adversity PG

New Beginnings PG

Never G

Don't Send In the Clowns G

A Leader G

You Were a Good Friend G

That's What Friends Do G

Christmas Shoes G

Revenge, PG13

Goodbye, PG

My Brother's Life, G

Familiar Faces, PG

Star Trek Voyager
Journey, G (drabble)

O Holy Night, G

Voyager's Halloween Adventure, PG

Star Trek (2009)
Guilty Conscience G

The Journal of a Widowed Mother G

Farscape, G

Ouch, G

Robin Hood (BBC) PG

Stargate SG-1
Realizations, PG

Jack and Daniel's Christmas, G

Foundations, PG

Ava, G

Sailor Moon
Usagi's Dream Mirror, G

Am I the Only One? PG13

Usagi's Challenge, R

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